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Walking through the park
  Tall tree, bird calls, turtles on rocks, knee hurting,
Walking to work
  After the MTR the familiar path to the centre in JCCAC
Walking through the November conference
  Imagining who will come, what they will do and how we will look after them
Walking as we sing
  7 out of the new songs from Re-mixing Communities
Walking for my supper
  At a South Indian place in Wan Chai for a lovely Thali

The city is quiet on this Easter Monday as people have disappeared for the long weekend. Strange to see everything so empty and quite relaxing as I travel up to the office of local partners CCCD in Shek Kip Mei. 3 meetings today.

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 15.09.01

First is with inspiring young saxophonist Jacky – http://www.jackyleung.hk – to talk about involvement in all of the upcoming projects. In the autumn we shared a stage at a huge Music Children Foundation event where I played and sang with his big band. We hope that him and some of those young people will get involved in the June show as well as coming to play for residents in Shaukeiwan and maybe showcasing what they do at the November CM conference.
Oscar Ho comes next to talk about some details for the conference that we will be running mainly at the Chinese University where he organises the MA in Community Arts as well as a host of other projects. I have been working on the Call Out for presenters and we talk through how we all imagine the 4 day event will work. He is very ready to offer space and support which is so great. I can’t believe it is happening but Mok and David have raised funds from HK Arts Development and we have a plan and a budget!


The afternoon is spent with David and old musical friend Ah Chuen as we talk about the 10 groups that have begun or completed songs for Remixing Communities.


There are some great lyrics, lovely tunes and interesting stories about these groups and the way the interaction has been developing. Chinese language is amazing and so subtle and there are many concepts that just don’t translate and actually some words that don’t translate.


Very funny… we talk about the shape of the show, the venue, the tech and the pro musicians who will support the whole event.


I’ll share the songs later in the week – lyrics, themes and maybe even some recordings!
The day finishes with an hour of trumpet practice and lovely Indian meal in Wan Chai reading sadly about the terrors that have taken place in Sri Lanka. The division and mindless violence – the opposite to the remixing and community we are trying to develop here. How terrible this world can be.

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