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A month ago I was on the streets in London for Extinction Rebellion and now I am flying again. I know this has to stop and am now cancelling commitments that involve flight travel and changing the whole way I look at my future life. It is an interesting change of perspective.

I am nervous, as ever, when first setting off and going to Hong Kong at the moment is, of course, especially strange. I have been following all the protests since I was last there in July and have been keeping in touch with friends and colleagues who are there. I am going to do an interview each day, write that up and publish it as the focus of my diary this time. Some of my questions will be

What part have you played in the protests?

What systemic change can you realistically hope for?

Violence / non-violence – what can develop ?

Can cultural activity take any place in the current crisis?

What musical interventions can you imagine doing yourself…

The musical work when I get there will be a mix between a residency in the Tung Wah Hospital centre in Shaukeiwan; mentoring, training and planning for the 3 year Remixing Communities programme and a day with a public seminar on ‘Community Music at times of Crisis’ and a ‘playful’ workshop. There will be other things happening but I am happy to be bringing my one man band back to the city!

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